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New Books
The cryptid keeper
Mycroft and Sherlock : the empty birdcage
Rise of the dragon moon
Spark of the resistance
Roll with it
The Paris Project
A slip of a girl
The root of magic
Strange birds : a field guide to ruffling feathers
The speed of falling objects
Paul, big, and small
Cracking the bell
The hive
Remember me
Child of the dream : a memoir of 1963
The perfect star
Whisper : how to hear the voice of God
Permanent record
Smoke screen
A Christmas gathering : a novel
Someone to remember
Resistance reborn
The bake shop
City of scoundrels
Final option
Nothing to see here
The year we fell from space
The whispering wars
The forty thieves : Marjana
Under the broken sky
Again!!. Volum 3, Aiming for the top
Again!!. Volume 2, To keep the flame burning
Again!!. Volume 1, A second chance
Oberon. Volume 1, The king of lies
Alice : from dream to dream
Ao haru ride. Volume 1